Natural Alcohol Free Hair Spray in Lavender and Fresh Lime


Slick Kids hair spray is a nutrient rich, hydrating and shine boosting hair spray with ultimate hold. Lilli Pilli extract builds firmness into the hair root to add fullness and volume, while Marshmallow extract will protect and make the hair appear thicker.

Hair will smell like smiles and rainbows with the scents of calming lavender and fresh lime.

Instructions | Hold the bottle approximately 15cm from the hair and press the pump spray. This hair spray will appear to be "wet" on the hair, but dries quickly for a medium hold. This hair spray also works well as a volumizing product.

There’s no SLS, SLES, EDTA or Parabens (almost the whole alphabet…) 🌻 gluten free (not to be served with pie, even though it smells like it should be). 🌱 Vegan 🌈 Sulphate free 🦄 Cruelty free (as in no children were forced to endure embarrassment from their parents during the making of this product) No really, it is cruelty free!