Moka | Musical Teddy Bear


Introduce your child to the power of classical music and its benefits while offering them a soft and reassuring companion to cuddle. The 3 lullabies, composed exclusively for Moka, were created from real instruments such as the violin, cello and piano.

Classical music has many benefits for children's development; it calms, soothes, reassures, awakens cognitive functions, promotes concentration and memory, develops emotional sensitivity and more!

Our ASTM-F963 certified soft toys are safe and do not contain any toxic or dangerous products, making them allies of choice for parents.

It's a sweet mix of music and sweetness for your baby. :)

Age: newborn and older

Dimensions: 6''x 6''x 8''

  • Included 3 original lullabies: 60 sec, 104 sec et 108 sec (they play 1x each and stop automatically after )
  • Total listening time: approx. 5 minutes
  • How it works: Press once on his stomach to play the 3 lullabies 
  • Original compositions written, performed and recorded in Montreal (Piano-violin-cello)
  • Batteries included: 3x AAA Alcalines LR03 1.5v (do not use
  • rechargeable batteries)
  • To listen to our three compositions in full, find them on our Youtube channel!

  • Certification ASTM F963 (Consumer safety certificate - Toy safety: newborns and older)
  • Machine washable on gentle cycle, removing the musical mechanism
  • Dry flat. ( do not dry in the machine to avoid damaging the velcro)

  • To preserve battery life, it is recommended to turn the mechanism “off” between uses. (with the black “on/off” button on the back of the mechanism)