J&W Wool Trucker ™



The Jack & Winn Wool Trucker Hat has serious pride issues. You see, it has been our customers' favorite from the start and we don't see that changing. There's just something about that classic black and gray in a miniature, itty-bitty trucker size.

Gray wool front panel, black cotton brim, and nylon (black) mesh back. Black snapback closure on all sizes but the 4-12 Month size, which has a soft velcro closure. Grab one while you can! It's always on the run.


Children's head sizes can vary a great deal. Although snapbacks are adjustable, it's not a bad idea to measure your child's head. If you'd like to measure, here's how:

  • If you don't have a soft measuring tape (because who has a soft measuring tape..?), dig through your junk drawer for a piece of string, ribbon or old shoelace.
  • Wrap the string around your child's head just above the ears and across the forehead, where the hat band would sit.  
  • Now use a measuring tape, ruler, or yardstick to measure the string (in cm).  Don't overthink it. Hats are adjustable and a close measurement is A-OK. 

8 month - 2 years