FLATOUTbear Baby Milk


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Just like our original bears, FLATOUTbear Baby Milk is a natural baby comforter and the perfect sleep companion for babies and children.

FLATOUTbear Baby Milk is the perfect size for handbags and pockets so it’s great for on the go or to give as a baby gift – and it’s oh so cute!

18cm tall x 16cm wide x 4cm flat

FLATOUTbear babies have been tested to meet Australian, NZ, USA, EU and UK children’s toy safety requirements (CE tested).

Sheepskin is a natural product so the colour and texture may vary, making each FLATOUTbear Baby a unique baby comforter.

From Australia to Europe and the USA, FLATOUTbear has found fame in newspapers, magazines and gift guides.

Tom Cruise said the FLATOUTbear is top of his must-have list of gifts, Kourtney Kardashian listed FLATOUTbears as a cute gift for babies and Paris Hilton was snapped on a shopping spree for a baby shower gift that included our now world-famous FLATOUTbear.