fini. Floppy - Linen Natural



Business at the front, party at the back. A mullet has never looked so good!

This stylish yet super practical fini. floppy hat made from 100% linen is a beautiful light taupe with grey undertones and has an extra wide brim with long back for increased sun protection. Adjustable bow to firm your fit & chin strap to keep in place.


*don't like a chin strap on your hats? to remove the chin strap, simply cut it off with a pair of scissors.

Completion for the stylish bebe, fini.



6-12 months - approx. 47-48cm

1-3 years - approx. 49-50cm

3-6 years - approx. 51-52cm

6+ years - approx. 54-55cm

Adult - approx. 57-58cm

*Note: age is a suggestion only, please utilise the hat circumference measurement for correct fit.

It is suggested that you select the size which is a minimum of 1cm larger in circumference than the head circumference that you are buying for.

If the head circumference is exactly the same as one of our floppy hat measurements, size up & make use of the beautiful adjustable bow around the crown that is purposefully part of the design to tighten the fit when required. 



As this hat is made from 100% natural linen fabric please expect very slight natural imperfections in the fabric making it authentic perfection. 



Gentle hand wash in cold water. Lay on flat surface to dry.