The That's Banana(leave)s!


The That's Banana(leave)s! is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The original and first-ever tropical palm leaf inflatable pool, est 2017 designed in chicago by emily vaca of la vaca, the that's banana(leave)s! Minnidip luxe inflatable pool will bring tropic vibes wherever you dip... Backyards, patios, and rooftops. Just bust out your pineapple tumblers and feel the palm breeze! At 5.5 Feet wide and 1.5 Feet tall, the original “adult kiddie pool” is big enough for a minnidipping pool party with your faves! Perfect for adults and children ages 6 and up. Dip dip hooray!

Approx size 5.5Ft x 1.5 Ft (diameter expands when filled with water)

pro tip: to get your minnidip as round as possible, let the vinyl warm up in the sun first to make it more pliable. The heavyweight minnidip vinyl is stiff out of the box (especially in colder temps) so let it warm up before and during inflation so you can stretch it to make it round.