Silicone Grip Dish - Hello Kitty

$16.00 $21.00
By Bumkins

Mealtime is sweeter with this dish featuring the adorable face of Hello Kitty. Little ones will love sitting down to eat when it’s with this cute friend. Made from 100% food grade silicone, these dishes are durable and versatile. The Grip Dish can be safely put in the microwave, oven (up to 375°F), freezer, or dishwasher. A strong suction base, keeps the Grip Dish in place, making plates on the floor a thing of the past! Designed in Arizona, responsibly made in China.

  • Three food sections form the shape of Hello Kitty’s face and iconic bow
  • Great for babies and toddlers in all stages of self-feeding
  • Strong suction base keeps dish in place
  • Able to be used in freezer, refrigerator, microwave or oven