"Sea" You On Top Floaties - Stormy
"Sea" You On Top Floaties - Stormy

"Sea" You On Top Floaties - Stormy

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Stylish and functional - these floaties have it all! Made from an ultra durable fabric designed to withstand the elements, these swimming aids provide the most stable and comfortable float around!

They also offer; 

    • Double safety buckles to ensure a better fit and less vest movement.
    • Wrap around vest design eliminates rub points, ensures a more stable float and keeps the straps off of the skin.
    • Elongated inner seams allow for less rub points and better connection points improving overall durability.
    • Neoprene vest construction for all day comfort.  
  • Expanded weight coverage due to increase inner material and wider vest construction (22lbs - 66lbs) perfect for ages 2 to 6.

Please note - we are currently only able to sell this product in Canada!

Care Instructions

Gentle/Hand wash suit after use with a gentle detergent

Lay flat to dry or hang in the shade

Have caution on rough surfaces (concrete and pool ledges) as these may cause damage to your suit.