Reversible Red Riding Hood Puppet

$30.00CAD $50.00CAD

We dare you not to laugh when you flip up Little Red Riding Hood's dress to reveal Granny's smiling face, then flip up Granny's bonnet, revealing the snaggle-toothed Wolf. And yes, Wolf is 50 Granny's pink, flowered gown, his grey paws jutting out from the checkered sleeves.

The path through the woods is illustrated around the bottom of Red's dress, complete with Wolf on the prowl. A bag, which flips open and closed, bearing fruits and jams, is affixed to her dress.

Granny's outfit has illustrations of her home along the bottom - tables and chairs, the infamous bed - while on the flipside, the Wolf in Granny's clothing has a red patch on the tummy, showing the Woodcutter. Flip open the patch, and you'll see Granny and Red together (remember, the Woodcutter liberates them in the end). 

20 x 25 x 10 cm

Machine Washable.