Henry Wool ™
Henry Wool ™
Henry Wool ™
Henry Wool ™
Henry Wool ™
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Henry Wool ™

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Jack & Winn Henry Wool Snapback is a best seller for a reason. It's OH so stylish. The Wool Snapback maintains a little gent quality while offering all that snapback swag. Durable wool body and brown cotton brim. Brown snapback closure. 

New adult hats have a slightly curved brim.

Children's head sizes can vary a great deal. Although snapbacks are adjustable, it's not a bad idea to measure your child's head. If you'd like to measure, here's how:

  • If you don't have a soft measuring tape (because who has a soft measuring tape..?), dig through your junk drawer for a piece of string, ribbon or old shoelace.
  • Wrap the string around your child's head just above the ears and across the forehead, where the hat band would sit.  
  • Now use a measuring tape, ruler, or yardstick to measure the string (in cm).  Don't overthink it. Hats are adjustable and a close measurement is A-OK. 

    8 month - 2 years