fini. Boater - Moss
fini. Boater - Moss
fini. Boater - Moss

fini. Boater - Moss

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100% wool felt - moss green

flat stitched brim

trimmed with a brown cotton rope hat band & coin fini. logo


Available in both Adult & Child (extra small & small) sizes. Select size from the dropdown list option.



Child (extra small)– 50cm circumference. 5.5cm brim.  Suggested age 1-3years.

Child (small)- 52cm circumference. 5.5cm brim. Suggested age 3-6years.

Adult (one size) – 57cm circumference. 7.5cm brim. Medium-Large Adult size to enable unisex wear. Shallow fit, best suited to be worn halo style.

*hat filler inserts can be used under the sweatband to reduce size for a snug fit



Spot clean.

To straighten out the brim, lightly spray the brim with water & leave on a flat surface overnight to dry OR place damp cloth on the brim & iron (ensuring not to touch the hat directly with the iron).