Matching Mommy + Me Bracelets | Amazonite


The me & mom Collection consists of 7 bracelets made of natural stones, each with its own meaning. With their 24 K gold-plated copper components, they are unique pieces that have a very special mission with them. Now Mothers and Children can now wear the same bracelet and carry the same message together.

"No matter where you go,
No matter what we do.
You'll Always be there for me
And I'll Always be there for you"

CAUTIONS: For better conservation of the gold plating and to prevent the metal parts from quickly acquire the original copper tone, do not wet the bracelets.


Truth - Sincerity - Honor - Self-love - Communication - Integrity - Trust.

Amazonite is a calming stone. It calms the brain, the nervous system and helps maintain mental health. It balances energies and also protects against electromagnetic pollution.